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At your Lafayette dental office, we understand the thought of oral surgery probably doesn’t make you want to jump for joy. But you probably also understand that having the oral surgery you need could drastically improve your oral health, including the function and aesthetics of your smile, and your overall health and quality of life. If you’re in need of any type of oral surgery, Dr. Muse has the experience and the technology to take care of you every step of the way from the comfort of your dental home.

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Tooth Extractions

If you have a tooth that is badly damaged, decayed, or infected, and is past the point of repair with a crown or a root canal, it may be in your best interest to have it extracted. Don’t worry, having a tooth extracted today is a much different experience than days of dentistry’s past.

We use only the most conservative methods, combined with advanced technology and anesthetic to make sure you don’t feel a thing, and your recovery is as quick and painless as possible.

Your Lafayette dentist will give you specific instructions to follow for the fastest, most comfortable recovery.

Wisdom Teeth

Your wisdom teeth or third molars usually come in between the ages of 17-25. Our ancestors had larger skulls than we do today and required more molars to help them tear and grind up their food. Today, however, we get by just fine without them, so they’ve become phased out of our development – many people never get any wisdom teeth at all.

Many folks do still develop wisdom teeth – one, two, three, or all four – but we lack the space needed for them to erupt properly. Imagine trying to squeeze a book into an already full bookshelf. It’s just not going to happen. Often times, wisdom teeth can cause more problems than not. They can cause crowding or be turned at an angle where they are unable to erupt, and can even damage the surrounding teeth, jawbone, and nerves.

For many patients, having wisdom teeth extracted is in their best interest.

Anesthetic & Sedation

At the office of Dr. Muse, we want our patients to have the most relaxing, most comfortable dental experience possible. That’s why we have several options for anesthesia and sedation to help you get the care you need.

The level and type of anesthesia and sedation used will depend on the treatment needed, and your level of anxiety. We use a local anesthetic for more basic treatments like root canals, and use conscious or oral sedation for more complex treatments and surgeries.

We have several options for sedation to help ease your mind and help you relax. Sedation can help you get all of your dental work done in a single appointment! Check out our Sedation Dentistry page to learn more!

Dental Implants

If you’ve had one or more teeth extracted, or it’s necessary to because of damage or decay, dental implants can be the smile solution that helps you maintain or improve your quality of life.

Dental implants are surgically placed into your jawbone to mimic your tooth roots. Their fusion with your jawbone prevents deterioration, allowing you to smile, talk, and eat the way you would with your natural teeth – but perhaps with even more confidence!

Dental implants are typically capped with durable and beautiful porcelain crowns, but they can also support a full denture. The process may take several appointments because your bone will need time to heal tightly around the implant. The great news is that once you’re finished, they have a high success rate and can last a lifetime with good oral hygiene habits.

Your first step would be consulting with Dr. Muse. After a comprehensive exam with x-rays that will allow her to devise a treatment plan, she will be able to address all of your questions and concerns. You can rest assured that throughout the entire process, your comfort and health are our top priorities.

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Whether you need to have dental implants surgically placed, have a tooth extracted, or are in need of any other type of oral surgery, we would love to be the team to help you get your smile back on track. Contact your Lafayette dentist, Dr. Muse today by calling (337) 446-2397 or schedule an appointment online!

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