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At your Lafayette dentist, the office of Dr. Muse and Dr. Moss, we are committed to providing our patients with the latest dental technologies and treatments available. Continuing education is one of our biggest priorities to ensure we bring our patients the most current knowledge and science in dentistry, and the best services on the market.

Fulfilling this commitment is what sets us apart from other dentists in Lafayette. We have invested in the most cutting edge technology available today to better serve our patients. This is an investment in not only advanced technology, but an investment in you as a patient. These high tech innovations allow us to detect, diagnose, treat, and prevent disease like never before. If you have questions about any of the technology or treatments and services we offer in our Lafayette dentist office, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at (337) 446-2397, or request an appointment online.


Dr. Moss is certified and licensed to practice the laser assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP™), a minimally invasive method of treating gum disease. LANAP is a laser-assisted procedure certified by the FDA for treatment of periodontitis or gum disease. You may have heard about or experienced the remarkable results from laser treatments for vision correction and other medical procedures. Now, that same technology is revolutionizing dentistry! With LANAP, gum disease can be treated successfully without scalpels or sutures, so healing and recovery is faster and less painful than traditional gum surgery. If you’ve been told you need gum surgery, but have been putting it off, let us, your Lafayette dentist, show you how easy your treatment really can be. Learn more about LANAP on our LANAP page.


The way your teeth align when you bite down is very important to a lot of dental work, including crowns, bridges, and implants. Even if you’re not having any work done, your alignment is still important and could be leading to soreness in your jaw and muscles, or causing you to grind your teeth. In the past, dentists used a piece of carbon paper to determine the strength of your bite in different places. However, this was not always that effective because your teeth do not all bite down at the same time and a problem even the thickness of a single hair can cause issues. Now, Lafayette dentists Dr. Muse and Dr. Moss use TekScan, which displays a time-elapsed chart of bite strength to pinpoint the precise problems in your bite. This allows us, your premier dentist in Lafayette, to make better adjustments and help all of your dental work last as long as possible!

Laser Scanner

dentaltechCavities are actually present and building years before we can detect them with traditional methods. The new laser scanner, however, allows us to find cavities years earlier and remove them while they are still small. If you have a bit of tooth sensitivity in certain places, it may be a cavity lying in wait to be detected. Come see us, your premier dentist in Lafayette, today and take advantage of the laser scanner technology to detect and eradicate those emerging cavities before they become problematic!


CarifreeCavities are caused by a bacterial infection known as “caries,” which we now know are not only treatable, but preventable. Lafayette dentists Drs. Muse and Moss use the CariFree™ program, developed to help patients become cavity-free by assessing risks, diagnosing bacterial caries, and treating the infection using preventive techniques. During your visit you will receive a “caries risk assessment” to evaluate whether you have factors present that can put you at risk for decay. You will then be given instructions and the at-home products needed to keep you and your family cavity free.

Digital Photography

dental imagesUsing a special camera and imaging software, we can show you close-ups of inside your mouth, so that you can see any problems just as clearly as we can. A much more effective approach than the old-fashioned mirror!

Digital X-Rays

Lafayette dentists Dr. Muse and Dr. Moss are thrilled to offer their patients digital x-rays in place of the traditional techniques. This new technology means less exposure to radiation and less wait time for development. We can show you right on the screen what the problems are and help you better understand your treatment.

3D Cone Beam CT Scan

dental images
This revolutionary technology allows us to get a more complete view of the teeth and bones of the face and jaw from all angles. A quick 10 second scan produces a computer generated image of the skull, face, and jaw structure – from any angle, in 3D, and even in color! This technology helps us get a more comprehensive view of your teeth and facial structure in order to better treatment plan, and to place implants with the utmost precision.

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